Moving multiple lyrics

• Nov 16, 2023 - 17:08

I've got some verses where the lyric falls between two notes, so I selected the column of lyrics text objects using Ctrl+click, and then used Ctrl+right arrow to try to move them. The cursor moved instead to the next bar, and played the note. Select just one of the lyrics, and use Ctrl+Right and the lyric object moves instead.

Is this the designed behaviour?

I know I can use the properties, open the Appearance panel and add clicks to the horizontal offset to move them all, but this takes a lot of mousing when I have a hand over the keyboard already.


In fact, this seems to happen with a lot of things - select two beams and move using the arrow keys: only the last selected moves, while the previous ones stay selected but stay still.

It's currently by design indeed - cursor keys don't work to adjust multiple selections, because no one was able to come up with what felt like the "right" behavior in the case where the initial offsets differed. But it could yet happen.

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