Generic neutral instrument/voice sound

• Nov 16, 2023 - 14:58

I create MP3s from vocal choir scores for each voice with piano accompaniment for practice purposes. This all works very well and the choir really appreciates the help.
The choir voice "instruments" available are not really suited for this purpose and solo voice "instruments" don't seem to be available.
I have tried nearly every instrument available hoping to find a neutral generic type sound without any kind of instrumental dynamic and that doesn't try to emulate the instrument. The best I have found so far is Orchestra/Brass/Trombone but I am sure there must be something better. I have looked at quite a few electronic sounds but most have some sort of "funky" dynamic to them.
Does anybody have any suggestions?


I've seen people use a few different things. It just depends on your goal. Have you tried the Basic sounds voices?

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Yes, I have tried BS voices but as mentioned in the second comment, the oohs and aahs are not so good.
My goal is very simple. Many choir members cannot read music (it's an amateur "fun" choir) and so have to learn there part off by heart by listening to it over and over again and that's what we use the MP3 files for. It really is so that they can just get the pitch and duration of the notes into their heads.
So what I'm looking for is a generic sound that doesn't try to emulate a specific instrument. I thought I would find something in the electronic section but they all seem to have a specific dynamic/sound.
Is it perhaps possible to create one's own sound and use it as an instrument?

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The voices I need are generally low (men's choir) so flute is hardly audible in the lower register and although oboe is a little better but a E1 on the oboe doesn't sound so great.
I need an instrument that plays the pitch of all note equally if you get what I mean. It is probably going to end up being an pure electronic representation of the sound.
But thanks for your suggestions.

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