One-click (#) courtesy accidentals

• Nov 15, 2023 - 20:15

To create a courtesy accidental with parentheses requires a number of button clicks: click the note, set the accidental, click the accidental, set the parentheses. Obviously, this isn't insurmountable, and an extra couple button clicks once in a while isn't terrible. However, other software, such as Noteworthy Composer, let you do that in one step; in the accidentals menu there is a "courtesy" button which automatically assigns the appropriate accidental and puts the parentheses around it. It would be great if there was something in the accidentals tree that could handle that for you.

Context: I write a lot of vocal music, and courtesies with parentheses tend to make something easier to sight-sing. (#) lets people know everything is "back to normal", whereas # will sometimes cause singers to overcorrect and double-sharp the note.


Not only that, but I'd like a setting that would add these courtesy accidentals automatically.
Yes, I know that is not always possible and doesn't always makes sense, but when it does I'm expecting the program do it for us.

Using Musescore4: I have a single-stave ("Lead Sheet") score which is intended to represent "GriffSchrift" (a Tablature system for diatonic accordion) for a Hohner "Club" accordion with 3 rows of buttons. Buttons of the third row are represented by "notes" BETWEEN lines on the stave, and each such note should be marked with a "sharp" accidental. For this reason I want to force a "courtesy accidental" (without parentheses) on each such note in my score, which at the moment follows the "standard notataion rule" for accidentals (within a Measure, an "accidental" stays in force (is not shown again) until cancelled by a "natural").
I would like to make the change over the whole score in one operation. I really don't want the hassle of editing the properties of each note individually.

I have Enabled the built-in Plugin "Add Courtesy Accidentals", and then tried to execute it via

I tried this 1) after ensuring that no Measures on the score were selected; 2) after selecting all Measures.
In neither case did I see any change on my score.
What did I do wrong? I am not at all famiiar with using Plugins, so it was probably an "operator error".

Incidentally, I assume that I shall not be able to get rid of any existing "natural" symbols on my score, which is a bit of a nuisance, but I can live with it.

I am aware that someone has written a Musescore Plugin to create GriffSchrift, but I am not interested in that as I already have a custom program to generate (almost) "GriffSchrift" from Standard Notation expressed in MusicXML.

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