Add nightly.exe shortcut to download

• Nov 26, 2009 - 08:21
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

It would be cool if you guys could add a shortcut to the executable that starts the nightly, thus sparing the user of having to browser through the folders and such...
And even the archive structure could be changed a bit I guess, like changed to not having a folder containing all the files in an other folder after unarchiving. It would spare all your testers a lot of clicks.

Also, I have asked this of David Bolton but it seems he didn't yet take a decision, it would be absolutely great to have a direct link to the nightly download page on put on the Download part of the MuseScore website. For a newbie, it's extremely hard to get that link, the svn repository isn't that interesting for a lot of people, they would like to try out the nightlies....



First, nightlies are not intended for newbies, but for quite advanced users. As you know they crashes more, and there is little chance you can open a score made with a nightly with another nightly or even the next stable release.
Changelog and SVN commit messages being the only way to know what is added/fixed in nightlies, a tester should care about it.

I agree we could have a link to download the last nightlies or at least to link to a simpler page on the download page.
Maybe, we could host nightlies on a subdomain like prereleases. It may open the way to a Mac nightly.

Yes, you're right about the Mac nightly thing. I know that the Changelog and SVN is important to the tester, but you know, to the ordinary guy who just wants to use the latest MuseScore version there is, the link is really important...
Also, that shortcut would do lots!

This ordinary guy is a masochist ;) because he might loose his work at every update.
So we can consider the hard way to get the nighly and all the warning as a protection against himself.

would you agree that it does occur sometimes that nightlies are more stable than prereleases? because bugs in the prerelease were found and fixed in nightlies.
That's why I ALWAYS use the latest Nightly.

seseberg, I added a link to information about the nightlies on the development page in the testers section.

As to whether nightlies are more stable than prereleases, it is certainly possible at times but reverse is more likely. The fact is we don't know how stable it is until it has had a few days of testing. The nightly builds allow for this type of early testing of brand new code.

As I mentioned in the email conversation I don't want people to download and use the nightly builds without fully understanding what they are.

yup, I understand what you're saying, but I think they'll be ok, there is enough doom and gloom on the splash screen of nightly.exe

I have one question though, when I click the nightly.bat file, I get this error:

[Window Title] ../bin/nightly.exe [Content] Windows cannot find '../bin/nightly.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. [OK]

An other mimor question would be regarding the folder structure of the nightlies, they seem to carry all files in a folder which is then put into an other folder placed in an other folder. As in: all data being in mscoreNightly which is inside the mscoreNightly-r2395 folder when it is unarchived. Could you place the shortcut in the mscoreNightly-r2395 folder?
Just a minor suggestion, things are great this way also. Or maybe if the archive would unarchive directly as the mscoreNightly folder?


Status (old) active fixed

If fixed the bat file so it should work in tomorrows nightly.

Regarding the "mscoreNightly-r2395" folder it is created by your decompression software not by me. If you are using 7-Zip, use the "Extract Here" option instead.

I know about the extract here feature....
I just thought that you had put the mscoreNightly folder into an other folder and then archived it, reason for which upon unarchiving I got a folder which contained the mscoreNightly folder which contained everything else...
so, to get to nightly.exe, previously, I had to get in the folder of the archive, then mscoreNightly, then bin, and then nightly.exe
thanks for the shortcut, it makes things so much easier!

Please fix the Nightly.bat shortcut for the latest nightly
And also maybe correct the word convenience in the README.txt file inside the ,,special,, folder

Thank you!!!

I corrected the spelling mistake. R. 2553 did not build properly. I removed it from the server. These issues should be fixed for the next nightly build.

Thanks for reporting these issues.

no prob dude, my pleasure. I think in 2 years MuseScore will outgrow Sibelius at this rate of development. Especially the debugMode feature is of incremental need progress-wise.

Thanks and God bless you for doing such a wonderful work for the benefit of the whole world!!!

it always amuses me how people can upload stuff to servers without even checking the archive contents... the things that make you go: Geez............

Anyways, I totally enjoy what you guys have developed since the latest prerelease!!!

Thanks for all the hard work!!!