Change note spelling to "standard" while keeping swedish language, possible?

• Nov 14, 2023 - 10:46

Hello, i haven´t found an answer to this question:
Is it possible to change the note spelling to "standard" while keepin the swedish language?
The "chord" setting is set to standard, so chord names come out according to that setting. But the note names use the "german" spelling. That means the note B would come out as H and Bb comes out as B.
The swedish language setting implies the use of german note spelling (the old way).
I would like to use "standard" note spelling instead, while keeping swedish as the language for mjuscore.
Is this possible? Is there a separate setting for note spelling?


Format > Style > Chord symbols > Spelling > Standard should not use H, but B
But indeed notenaes are spelled ar per the language settings and there's no setting to change that, other than to change the language

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