Can't find my scores

• Nov 8, 2023 - 23:06

I recently bought a new laptop and am trying to access the music scores that are listed on my PC Musescore account. I downloaded the musescore application to my new laptop but it's only showing scores from the account. At least that's what i think is happening. How do I access the scores showing on my PC ( software?
After much frustration, I deleted the musescore application and tried downloading the software from, but no luck...same result in that it's only showing the scores.


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Thanks for your response. However, the problem relates not to where the files on my PC are. I have those with no problem and they work in the Musescore.ORG app. The problem is that I want to use those files that are on my PC to display in the Musescore app on my new laptop. I think maybe the Musescore.0RG application simply doesn't work on laptops. Musescore.COM works on my laptop, but it's a different software program than the Musescore app I work with on my PC. I need Musescore.ORG files that are on my PC and are working fine in musesscore.ORG to show up but that software is not the same software as the Musescore.COM app. I know it's confusing, but I have looked at another Musescore forum comment, and I think I'm right. Read those comments and you will be amazed at the Tower of Babel misunderstandings that are evident on this subject.

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What do you think to be the app and what the app? And what do you think to be files and what files?

There's MuseScore files on your PC
There's the MuseScore editor on your PC
There's the MuseScore reader/player app on your mobile device, Android or iOS
There's a Webbrowser and the scores on

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Most people would assume that a "laptop" is a PC or Mac running Windows, Linux or MacOS, and therefore could run the MuseScore application discussed here on

However, you say that "Musescore.COM works on my laptop" which leads me the believe that your "laptop" is actually a Android or iOS device. Like a Android tablet or a iPad. Or possible a Chromebook?

Is that correct?

Hi, I have a problem also, I'm not able to reach my "old" account with all my "old" scores . The only solution is to search after "me" on Google : my username and "Musescore" or in the first page of this forum, the window for searching sheet music, idem, enter username and my "old" list in there .................

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@raymondwicqua wrote: 'I'm not able to reach my "old" account with all my "old" scores'

Your account raymondwicqua was created only one week ago. So maybe you have a different MuseScore account with a different username and password? And perhaps that old account has the username Raymond Wicquart?

Warning: I have never used the facility to merge accounts, but apparently does offer this as a feature:
It might resolve your problem?

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Thanks, I have tried all systems, like Merging, but , My password is refused and when I try to get a new one, I never receive the mail . This happens cause , I use my antivirus perso, cause my PC was.......tired ! After that, like usual, my paswords disseapear . I am on "" when I ask a new pasword, the adress mail was on ""...............since, I'm turning in !! My new accound, ....empty, has been created with the new usename "raymondwicqu" the first one is "raymond wicquart" with all my scores.............I only can reach this old accound with the search window for sheet music on the top of the first forum-page

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I am on "" when I ask a new password, the address mail was on ""...............since, I'm turning in !!

Every account on the MuseScore websites has a separate email address and password. If you ask for a new password ("Forgot your password?"), then the info or link for a password reset is sent to the email address for that account. So if you have forgotten the password for that email account, then you need to go through the same process for password recovery with that email provider (not with MuseScore).

@geraldhill wrote: "I recently bought a new laptop..."

And did you transfer all your old MuseScore files from the old laptop to the new laptop? If you had not already published these scores to, then the only place where they exist might now be on your old computer. Do you still have access to the old computer?

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