Adding Staff Text (ANY element!) Crashes MuseScore 4

• Nov 8, 2023 - 19:22

I'm using Windows 10, i7 (Gamer machine) Processor, 16GB RAM
Computer EXPERT
MuseScore 4
Anytime I add ANY staff text element then press the 'Enter' key, MuseScore crashes. EVERY TIME! Tempo, or any other rehearsal mark; virtually EVERYTHING!
Screenshot won't help, it just states, (at the top-left of the window...), 'Not Responding.' And if I load Windows Task Manager, the 'Not Responding' status is reflected there, also. It's a bug, simple as that. (Or perhaps we need to be instructed to "Never press the 'Enter' key after adding staff text elements. Instead, simply click the mouse in another area on the score.")


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