Notes sustaining in a specific part

• Nov 6, 2023 - 18:33

Something strange has occurred. There are specific "parts" in all of my scores in which all notes are sustained ad infinitum. It's typically "Part 2." Nothing has changed since last I used MuseScore last week. I use it everyday with my choir and it's very useful to teach parts.

In the "Winterlight" example, Part 2 at ms. 19 is normal. At ms. 22 the sustain occurs and each pitch is held forever until I stop the playback. This happens on almost ALL of my files. I have NO idea what may have changed.

I read other topics on this and I haven't yet found a definitive solution. I can submit more .mcz files if needed.


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Thank you for your response.

For anyone else in the future, here is the only solution you will find on these message boards: restart and hope it works. This supposedly isn't an error on MuseScore's end, and an error on your computer's sound driver. I'm not certain what happened yesterday, but I turned on my laptop today and everything is back to normal.

I just wish there was another more consistent solution.


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