[MS4 + MuseSounds] - MIDI export: lacks and inaccuracies

• Nov 5, 2023 - 13:02

Hi guys,

recently I am finding myself often writing scores in MS4 with the intent, to extract, for each part, the corresponding MIDI file, in order then to process it later with other software.

Before exporting the MIDI files, I listen to the result of what I have written in using MuseSounds: if it sounds convincing, then I proceed with the export.

Generally, however, I find that, the MIDI files do not correspond to what I heard within MS4: some notes, while present in listening in MS4, are not instead present in the MIDI file, some other notes instead have a different duration, etc...

I leave below an example image just to understand: in the score I inserted some ornaments just to understand what would happen to them in the MIDI export phase (the MIDI file has been opened and visualized as a piano roll in Reaper)


a. the trill is not exported to MIDI despite sounding very convincing within MS4 with MuseSounds;
b. the acciaccatura in MS4 sounds faster while in the MIDI file, by being reported, the timing is different;
c. the short trill seems to me to be rendered correctly.

Why are there these behaviors?
Are these issues or normal behaviors?

I fully understand that a workaround for this might be to explicitly note these embellishments without using their symbols but, on the other hand I wonder, if the symbols are there and are correctly interpreted and played by MuseSounds virtual instruments, why, upon exporting a MIDI of the score, are these discarded?

I am relatively new to this forum and the use of MuseScore and wish to learn more about this software and the way to work with it.

Thank you very much for your support.


MuseScore 4 had an overhaul to its playback engine. (Appears to still need work)
MuseScore 3 was more MIDI like. It even featured a PRE (piano roll editor).

Here's your music example as a MuseScore mscz file (for piano instrument) which can be opened in MS 3 or in MS4: Example_Mu3.mscz
Here's the MS3 MIDI export: Example_Mu3.mid
Here's the MS4 Midi export: Example_Mu4.mid

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