Feature Request: "Linked Staff"

• Nov 4, 2023 - 20:24

I am currently working on an orchestral work, which requires a piano reduction and I noticed how tedious it is to implode everything (,whilst paying attention in which clef to implode into) and delete duplicate notes . And if I change anything, I have to go back and change the piano reduction too. Then I thought, wouldn't it be really practical for musescore to add a "Linked Staff" feature, where if in one staff a note is added, the note would be automatically copied to 1 or more staffs. If any changes are applied, they are done to the linked staff also and duplicate notes are just removed.

(With an instrument using 2 staffs (piano, harp,ect.), musescore could just choose a clef according to register.)

This would also be very practical when doubling instruments, if the "liked staff" feature could be either enganged/disengaged or selected for only a finite period.

I Haven't seen this feature in any notation software yet, but it would be a really handy addition to musescore!

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