Aligning Grace Notes

• Nov 2, 2023 - 03:58

How do you align grace notes in Musescore 4 to be in line with ones under it?

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You can adjust the offsets in the Properties tab. I suspect that the ledger lines here are causing the lower notes to be more spread out and this might limit the ability to align everything. If you post a score instead of a picture, maybe someone would be willing to play with it,

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"I've tried to do the offset but I can't find a way to move the beam along with it so the note and stem are disconnected"

  1. Select the noteheads of the three grace notes to be moved (hold down Ctrl, and click each notehead)
  2. With the three grace notes still selected, in the Properties panel press "Appearance"
  3. In the Properties panel, find the "Offset" fields: use the field on the left (horizontal offset)
  4. In the horizontal "Offset" field, use the spin-edit to move noteheads, stems and beams all together
  5. You can also fine-tune the position of individual grace notes by manually editing the Offset by small amounts
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