When will MuseScore 4 be fully functional?

• Oct 31, 2023 - 17:47

Wrote up the procedure for adding Mandolin tablature here:

The only thing left I really need is the ability import ABC notation,
but I can work around that.

Original post:

Hey, guys.

MuseScore 4 is a wonderful piece of work. It really is.
And it obviously caters to professional muscians, given the many things it does.

But I'm not in that category. I do simple Trad tunes, once in a while.
The features I need most are ABC import and Linked tablature.

Both of those are missing in v4, so far.

In my world, that makes Ms4 "crippled". It's a fantastic beta version, but
only of use to those who don't need the missing features.

Had I known it was a beta version, I wouldn't have spent so much time with
it on my current project. (I had previously jettisoned it for lack of ABC import,
but since I didn't need that capability, I gave it another whirl--only to discover
that I couldn't create the tablature I needed.

So now I'm back to Ms3, hoping the XML import is compatible.

Finally, thanks for what you're doing. Ms4 will be a beast, once it's complete.
I just need it to be complete!

For both Ms3 and Ms4 there are very complete "help" pages that tell you exactly how to do it.
But to date, none of them even come close to working.

As an extreme, the Ms4 help page, under Change staff type from Instrument panel, step 3 tells you to "press Esc to exit the dialog, or click outside the dialog". (As if!! Esc == Cancel, and clicking outside does nothing!)


Mu4 is not a Beta at all, but its plugon API is lacking something that is vital for the ABC plugin (and for the Batch Convert plugin too)
Tablature is fully functional as far as I can tell

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Thanks, Jojo. I'll be delighted to hear I'm doing something wrong!
I'd be happy to send someone some money, to fix it.

The attached screenshot shows the disabled Staff-Type selector.
Is there some other way to specify tablature??

(Once I have answers, I have a Reddit post to edit, as well!)

Did you check out the help page link? It really does say "press Esc or click outside the dialog".

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MS3 does a good job of converting ABC notation, and adding a linked mandolin tab is no problem either. However violin tab is a different matter - a quick search online shows that there are several methods, which give very different outputs. There is a long discussion here: https://musescore.org/en/node/48596

There is a Violin Fingering plugin but you would need to modify it a bit by adding H (high) or L (low) to some of the numbers as each finger is used for two semitones. https://musescore.org/en/project/violin-fingering

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You wrote:
On another thread, I'm seeing screencaps of Staff Style options that are simply not enabled in my version.
Okay... It's best to ask questions about another thread in that other thread (or at least to cite here the url of that thread).

You wrote:
So now I'm wondering if they're using the Mac version, and whether maybe the Windows version is down-rev, in comparison.
The answer is found in that other thread.

So please go there:
and open the sample score provided and see if you can get TAB to work. You have already written elsewhere (in that other thread):
Bottom line: I am still looking for ANY way to create a fiddle/mando tab staff for a simple trad tune.
So... That's the important issue to address.

Then, using the sample score provided, if you run into a specific problem, you can start a new thread - since that one's actually about Tux guitar. Initiate a topic like: "Problem entering Tablature" or something even more specific: "How do I link TAB to standard notation?". Attach a sample score for better results.

Creating a topic like what you used here: "When will MuseScore 4 be fully functional?" does not describe that you are, in fact, having an issue with Tablature.

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