Corrupt files

• Oct 29, 2023 - 22:31

Hi. It is showing me this error message and It is not the first time that happens to me.
Error=XML_ERROR_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line number=0

I tried many ways to extract the files through 7 zip and others and I still can´t open the file. This is an urgent file for me to recover, please if anyone could help me...

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Todo Suena a Ti - VIENTOS.mscz 30.7 KB


I assume your OS is windows. I doubt this file can be recovered. You need to find backup file.
Please, check hidden folder .mscbackup
It's located same place as your file Todo Suena a Ti - VIENTOS.mscz
If you don't see it, google how to show hidden folders and files in windows or type .mscbackup at the end of windows path right in windows explorer.
If there is no such folder, try to find your file here:

  • C:\Users\{YourUserAccount}\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore4
  • C:\Users\{YourUserAccount}\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore4\cloud_scores
  • C:\Users\{YourUserAccount}\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore4\cloud_scores\.mscbackup
  • C:\Users\{YourUserAccount}\Documents\MuseScore4\Scores
  • C:\Users\{YourUserAccount}\Documents\MuseScore4\Scores\.mscbackup
  • C:\Users\{YourUserAccount}\Documents\MuseScore4\Cloud Scores

Ignore filenames, they may contain nonsense letters.
If you find something interesting, copy that file to another location and open from that new location.
If you still haven't found your file, you can try to use file recovery tools like Recuva. Follow instructions here…

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