My opus will not load

• Oct 25, 2023 - 13:10

Since I have a soundfont to this score, I have to click "Publish Online". This is normal, and I know how this works. However, any time I do it, the score will export audio for a little while (oddly, once it gets to 76%, it immediately goes to 100%), then says that it can't be published to the site. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Vivacious Opus 3.mscz 41.28 KB


It worked for me (published it privately of course). But I don't have your soundfont.
Try to set MS Basic just for publishing.
If it doesn't help, you can try Musescore 4.2.0 nightly
Keep in mind, nightly builds are unstable. Make a backup copy of mscz file. Don't make or save any changes with nightly build.

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