1st & 2nd endings

• Oct 25, 2008 - 06:33

Is there a way to extent a 1st or 2nd ending marking from one line of the staff to the next (or to create one from scratch)?


OK I think I answered my own question. I can do it by using the open ended "2" from the palette on the top line and right clicking then changing the properties to "1" instead of "2". Then on the next line use the same open ended 2nd ending, editing volta properties (right clicking) and delete all the "text" line. Then go into edit mode and drag the open end over itself to reverse it so the open end is now to the left. This reversed volta can then only be double clicked on the vertical line part of it if you need to move it or lengthen or shorten it (the horizontal line no longer responds to clicking).

So after all that, I would request a change to the palette - I think all you need is 3 signs - 1. the one closed at both ends. 2. one open to the right. 3. one open to the left. Keeping all with the editable text line. The other ones seem a bit superfluous seeing that you can edit the text anyway and put what numbes you like in it.


After doing all above I went in to "append horizontal frame" so I could compress the last line to make it look a bit better and crashed straight away. Presumably something to do with reversing the "volta".
I've attached my Test Score again where I reproduced the above.

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TEST SCORE.mscz 4.39 KB

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