Migrating Templates and Styles with MuseScore 3 on New Mac

• Oct 23, 2023 - 17:12

Hey guys,

I recently bought a new MacBook Air with an M2 processor. I installed MuseScore 3 on it (because I really like opening multiple scores under the tabs feature) and I am looking for the easiest way to open up my previous styles. I created an amazing RealBook Template style using custom fonts and I'm having issues finding the locations of the fonts. I guess I have two questions: 1. Where is MuseScore looking for these fonts in MacOS Ventura 13.5 (I can't seem to load them in the right place)... and 2. Is there an easy way to get all of my styles and fonts working on this new machine?

Thanks for all of your help!


Hey guys - I know this was pretty quick, but I figured out that If I just replaced my previous templates and styles folder, that everything was updated. MuseScore stores so many things in different places (and it's been well over a year since I created those templates) that I forgot where they were. Mischief managed!

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