Scrolling Playback

• Oct 20, 2023 - 22:18

I love the fact that there are 3 different "views" for watching the playback of scores. I wonder about another one...
It would be great to have the blue cursor move to the middle and then have the actual score scroll to the left, with the blue cursor remaining fixed, mid-screen. This would be great for viewing, so that the last page and next half page are always on view. It would make it easier for recording the video as well when making YouTube videos of compositions.


When I record videos for YouTube, I often have to adjust the stave spacing for each page. With what I'm suggesting, it would be like the horizontal view, but the music would move smoothly to the left rather than the cursor moving to the right. How about it, techies?
(I notice as I'm typing here that there is no visible cursor - another issue?)

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