Using Styles

• Oct 20, 2023 - 17:18

I have been unable to find any information relating to the use of Styles or Templates.
I have created a Style but how are you supposed to associate it with scores under development ?
Searching in the "handbook" only results in a search of music scores already published online !


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I've recently tested ms3 style and functions to reuse style quite thoroughly, and updated ms3 , and tagged the ms4 dedicated chapter incomplete coz I found misinformation on it such as "workspace is saved into template (or mss file , can't remember)" (checked neither is correct)

Haven't used much of ms4 template and format>style window function, also not sure about the definition of "part" in ms4, and ms4 on my laptop is too slow for me to run tests so I stopped working on that ms4 chapter, but added links for the future editor.

It should be the last incomplete chapter besides

I updated ms4 thou, evading the "does mss contains info from all parts or just current "full score" or "part"?" question

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