MS 2 nightly under Windows 10

• Oct 6, 2014 - 19:50

I realize that Windows 10 is still months away but in case anyone else is daring enough to try the preview released in early October, my tests of one of the later nightly builds of 2.0 seems to work fine. Of course, it's still basically Windows 8 under the hood, and MuseScore 1.3 works fine with Win8.x.

With the removal of the Start Screen and charms, the re-integration/re-design of the Start Menu, and apps being in resizable windows, it finally feels like normal Windows again. Looking forward to the full release of both of these!


Yeah... I downloaded Win10 iso from the web page of Microsoft and I burned on DVD. My installation always crashes at 18%. Verification has been successful. I burned iso using Verbatim disc and the 4x speed. I've always used Verbatim discs. I installed Windows 8 Customer Preview with the same parameters of DVD. The installation has always been successful.

I won't test MuseScore 2.0 on the new system... :/

Burned or burnt? Which is the correct form?

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