"'has been banned' | Any idea what happened to this user?

• Oct 17, 2023 - 21:31

From: https://musescore.com/groups/improving-musescore-com/discuss/5215927

Posted for @MusescoreNutzer

"I have been using MuseScore for a few months. In that time, some questions and problems have accumulated, so last Sunday I decided to create an account on musescore.org and ask for help or possibly also report on errors.

After I successfully created the account, I immediately started to ask my questions in different sub-forums. When I tried to submit my third post, I got some error message that I honestly couldn't understand and just clicked the submit button again.

Immediately a text-only web page appeared with the following text:

has been banned.

Since then I have no way to access musescore.org from my home computer, cannot contact support or read any help articles.

I cannot explain why and I am not offered any way to solve the problem.

In my distress, I am now writing this while at work. I have contacted support twice via the contact form under "Other issues", but only received a standardized message that I can get help on MuseScore at musescore.org - which I can't access, however, since my problem is, after all, related to the website or its security provider or settings.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get access to musescore.org again or where and how I can get help with my problem?"

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