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• Oct 16, 2023 - 02:08

Can't perform copy and paste


You should provide some more information. What do you want to copy? How are you trying to do that? What Musescore version and operating system are you using?

For example, if you select a single note without having the blue frame around it (for example, just the note head), yes, that won't work. You have to press Shift + Arrow down or up (or right to select more than one note) to make the frame appear and then C&P works.

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Yes, but the chapter in the manual is not quite accurate, especially concerning this suspected case. It must be a range selection, even if it is a single note.
Look at the first picture of the linked page, there is only the note head selected. Then C&P doesn't work.
It must look like this if you want to copy and paste a single note:

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