MuseScore 4

• Oct 14, 2023 - 03:21

I have MuseScore 4 running in Windows 10 PRO, on a Lenovo Gaming platform (Intel i7-10750H @ 2.6GHz and 2.59GHz, 16GB RAM, 64-bit OS and standard MIDI controller devices for note entry. All works well except...

I placed a second tempo marker in a piece to slow it down then worked on the piece for about an hour. I went back to either delete the Tempo mark "(quarter note) = 70" and the application locked up, and ended up completely erasing all my work, never to return. I guess since this is such unstable software, I'll need to save to alternate files every 5 minutes to safeguard against these crashes. It also crashed while trying to edit the style properties, the staff properties, and a few other operations.
Please note that this computer is a 'beast' compared to most systems and I haven't modified it in any way, (I've been a computer scientist for about 40 years, so I surely could have). I use the computer for commercial audio, (music & video) recording sessions and productions. There's something in the code that makes this program unstable. Please re-examine your latest release carefully. If there is a 'beta' version you would like me to try, I would be willing to do so. My productivity with this software is nearly oblique. (Bachelor's degree in music, Master's degree in computer science...)
Thank you.


Sorry you lost your work. All I can do is relay my experience.
But first, I trust as a computer scientist, that you read the specs needed to run MU4. Your computer meets the recommended specs. And I trust you have an SSD. That is a must.

I can't say if MU4 is unstable or not. I use it every day on a verity of systems. Some equal to yours and some much less. One of them is a Surface GO. I have never had a crash.

I don't know what your experience with notation software is. It is unlike any other software. I've used a few different programs for about 16 or so years. One of the things I learned was to never just save a score. At the end of each session (more often if the score is very important) do a "save as" with a different version number after the title. That way if anything odd does happen, the loss is minimal. Then delete the extra copies when I'm done.

It's not just about horsepower. The computer may have to be adjusted to the software.

But spend some time on the download page and you will see that there Nightly prerelease versions that are available

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