Hiding the download button on secret embeds

• Oct 12, 2023 - 07:11


Is there a way to hide the 'download' button on Musescore secret embeds?
Is this a feature available for Pro accounts?

Thank you

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Jojo is correct that this is not a function of the MuseScore desktop notation editor supported on the musescore.org forums.

Instead you have to open your published score on musescore.com, using the option "Update this score" from the "3 dots" menu on the right of the score title. Then you will find the checkbox to prevent downloading:

"Is this a feature available only for PRO accounts?"

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Ok I appreciate the reply.. the difference between .org and.com isn’t terribly clear if I’m being honest! but now I’ve got it

I tried the checkbox you mentioned, Daniel, and MuseScore replaces it with a Browse button.. from a web design point of view, this question more so to remove that big call-to-action (whether it’s Download or Browse) which is a bit distracting for site visitors.. it doesn’t look like there’s a way to remove the button altogether, but I opted to cover it with a div using a higher z-index which solves the need

thanks for your time

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