Aikin 7 Shape Note Notation

• Oct 11, 2023 - 03:29

Hello there. I am trying to write a hymn, 4 part harmony, vocal only, and for the life of me, I can not figure out how to write in SHAPED NOTES. Specifically, the Aikin 7 shape notes. Do I really have to individually change each note head? I have tried to follow the tutorials but I give up! Can someone be so kind as to help me out? Thankyou!


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I can change each individual notehead. But I want to be able to have the notehead automatically change, as I go up or down the scale with my mouse. I don't want to write in round notes, and THEN change to shaped notes. Even changing 1 measure at a time doesn't seem reasonable. Is there a option where I can change the notehead to shaped (Aiken) and then have it stay like that for the rest of the song writing?

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No it does not work dynamically as you enter the notes. The notes need to be entered in standard form first.

But there is no need to change each note individually or even a measure at a time. You can change all the noteheads in one operation by selecting everything with CTRL+A and then selecting the desired notehead system in the inspector in MU3 or in the Properties panel in MU4. You have to dig a little deeper in MU4 and open the Note, tab and then the Head tab and then click on Show more (I thought the idea was to improve the discoverability of features in MU4 but this one seems quite well hidden!).

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