Problems in Musescore 4 play back

• Oct 9, 2023 - 14:21

I copied a short section from Mendelsohn's violin concerto into Musescore 4 (attached) a few weeks ago and tried to play it back recently. I found several problems I had difficulty solving myself and sought assistance.

(1) After I clicked Musescore 4 and then opened the attached mscz file (or directly double-clicked it), I found that it could not playback, since the mixer window (F10) was empty (I guess that the sound files were not loaded).

(2) I opened Muse Hub and started downloading Musescore 4. The downloading was slow and I remember clearly that I had finished installation of the base sound successfully in the past. Before the downloading finished, I could open my mscz file and the mixer appeared. I was able to play back.

(3) When playing back, I heard strange noises at the beginning of the music (prelude by clarinet). The noise often changed, sometimes there was a lot, and sometimes there was less. I tried to attach an m4a file which was recorded using the recorder in Win 8. However, our forum did not allow me to attach m4a files.

(4) I exported an mp3 file from my mscz. There was no noise in the prelude. Again, I could not attach the mp3 here.

(5) Here is what I really need assistance. When the music went to page 3, the sound went down to a lower level, and I didn't know how to maintain it to the level of the previous section of the music.

Thank you for your time!



Sound on page three:
The solo part has a cresc mark followed by sf. I don't think MU4 does anything with those without some clarification. What I mean is this. Your score has several places where there are hair pins that have no definition for them. In MU4, there needs to be a dynamic marking before and after a hairpin. You can have a "p" in the score and several measures later, put a cresc hairpin. But there must be a dynamic mark at the end of the hairpin. Same with your cresc mark on page three. I don't think MU4 reads sf, so it (for some unknown reason) cut the volume. When I replaced the sf with (for example) mf, volume stayed normal.

As to your other noise, Make sure your computer meets the specs to run MU4. Even if it does, try the settings suggested here:

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Thank you for your evaluable advice. After I changed "sf" to "mf", the volume did stay normal. I will pay attention when I use cresc in the future.

As for playback noise, I read the suggestions. I turned down the sampling rate a little and leave the mixer window always on. The noise decreased. Thank you again.

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