definition of the word "score" from a music perspective

• Oct 7, 2023 - 17:21

Was the term "score" defined in the handbook someplace? I picked this out of dictionary . com, but I had to expand it to get past sports ball stuff...:
a written or printed piece of music with all the vocal and instrumental parts arranged on staves, one under the other.
the music itself.
the music played as background to or part of a movie, play, or television presentation.


For the purposes of these MuseScore support forums and the MuseScore Handbook, score generally refers to a computer file with the suffix .mscz - and to its visual representation on a computer screen as well as its audio playback.

In other contexts (for example the IMSLP score-sharing website at, a score generally refers to a PDF file of the sheet music for a specific work.

There is a useful discussion on Wikipedia about Sheet music which covers terms such as score, sheet, chart and lead sheet :

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Didn't thought the term need clarification until I start editing Templates and styles

score the .mscz computer file
score the sheet
score settings aka options under format>style>score (indent 1st system etc) not including "global object settings (by type)" like "global text style", "global Ornaments style"
but "score layout and settings" can also be understand by layman as configuration including "global object settings (by type)"
"full score" the default Part in ms4 (was not considered a Part in ms3)
other Part if existed, each has its , well, score, the sheet, and score settings ...


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