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• Nov 25, 2009 - 07:30

I just stumpled over a very basic missing feature in musescore.
I had a hard time notating a simple folk melody. It should be as in the attached pic, but I had to use a lot of volta brackets instead (file attached).
Setting repeat signs inside a bar would be the solution.
Repeats are not the same as bar lines and should be treated independently. Many songs are structured like this, even a lot of chamber music (all those scherzo movements for example).
This is a very common feature in notation, and I see it as a must.


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I'm not sure I grasp your whole problem but I think it's possible to notate your score exactly as in the jpg with the current version of MuseScore.
You can change the actual duration of a measure to have only a eight in 6/8 measure. Right click on a measure to do it and read the section about properties and duration at Measure operations

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Simple is very relative ;)
If you don't care about playback you can insert a barline in the middle of a measure by selecting a note and double click the barline in the palette.
If you care about playback, then playing with measure lenght is the only way, since repeats are handled internally at the measure level only.

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I have not documented in the handbook because there are several problems with the current implementation "mid-measure repeats". They do not break at the end of a line and they do not affect playback.

Finale has a plugin that splits and combines measures for this purpose. Perhaps something similar could be developed for MuseScore. Ideally dragging a repeat or double bar to the middle of a measure would automatically split the measure into two incomplete measures. Ideally removing the repeat would combine the split measure back into a single measure.

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