Adding the Playback of Chord Symbols based on the Rhythm of the Slashes

• Oct 4, 2023 - 02:40

So I'm requesting to add a new feature to where the Chord Symbols playback based on the Rhythm of the Slashes like on Notion because then I could make the Chord Charts sound like they're being strummed, & also (for Percussion the Slashes will sound as the Ride Cymbal, unless the Sim Symbol is being used instead) it saves me the trouble of having to repeat the Chord symbol many times.


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I looked at your comment history on GitHub; I couldn't find any weird things, but I guess someone interpreted this comment as "spammy":…
Back then, we had to be very strict against spam, because we received a lot of useless and distracting comments.

If everyone sticks to the following rule:

Only comment if you have really useful information to add to the discussion, and only if that information is really on-topic for that discussion.
(Not like: "[insert tangentially related idea here] would also be nice"; if you have another suggestion, open a new issue (and if you want, add to the issue description that it is related to the other issue).)

then everything will be allright.

I'll ask someone to unblock you.

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