Treble clef 8va bassa - problems

• Oct 2, 2023 - 02:33

I am creating a classical guitar score with Musescore 4.
I started by setting the clef to Treble Clef 8va Bassa which is the proper clef to use.
However, when I manually add notes, Musescore seems to think the notes are a DOUBLE octave below what is written in the score, so it highlights everything below the E on the lowest line of the clef as red, and on playback of the music it is all an octave too low.

I changed the clef to a normal Treble Clef and now it sounds fine, but that makes no sense to me since it is an octave low.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a setting somewhere to correct it?



Classical Guitar is a transposing instrument, 1 octave below concert pitch. It disen't need 8va bassa. If you want to use 8va bassa change to concert pitch.

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Thank you @cadiz1 for the prompt reply.

I think what happened is that this time I selected "guitar" instead of "classical guitar" by mistake so I got the normal treble clef. Interestingly, when I followed the advice to set concert pitch, it actually fixed my problem. But now that I realize I chose the wrong instrument, I went back and changed the instrument to make it correct.

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