Transfer a range of notes from treble clef to bass clef

• Oct 1, 2023 - 21:59

A midi file I opened in Musescore 4 put all the piano notes in the treble clef, though the instrument shows two clefs. At first I the instrument showed two treble clefs, the upper one containing all the notes and the lower one blank. After changing the lower clef to a bass clef (drag from clefs palette), I couldn't find a simple way to select just the notes from say, C3 to C1, and move them to bass clef. I tried range selection methods from the handbook but they didn't select just what I wanted.
Help appreciated.
Thank you.


I hope someone comes along with an easy way, but I don't think there is.
If this is not a very complicated piece, you might change the lower notes (sadly, one by one) to voice 2. Then using what you read in the manual (I might do this one system at a time), select the upper staff, open the Selection Filter, un-check voice 1, CTRL+C, re-check voice 1, CTRL+X, select the target measure in the lower staff, CTRL+P.
Good luck.

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