How do I change all the noteheads at once?

• Oct 1, 2023 - 02:56

I entered all my information in Digital Performer 11. It's a simple horn chart with very simple chord sequence. I exported the track as MusicXML. It opened up just fine. Inside DP I had created the chords locked to a single note which was the base of the chord. So, now I am in Musescore 4. I want the chords to be laid out with cross noteheads instead of pitches. I can select each one individually and change it inside Properties but I cannot change the entire sequence at once. Is there some way to do that? Also, the chords show up in the keys part but not on the master score. Is there an easy fix for that? I've tried using the selection filter but I cannot seem to isolate the chords. And remember, I entered the chords in DP, not using Musescore.
Lastly, I am pretty new to this notation so please do not assume that I know how to make things work. If there's any window I need to select, please let me know where I should look to find what I need to find.
Thanks very much!

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To make all noteheads on the 'Keys' staff a cross:
Right-click a note in this staff to open the contextual menu > Select More > Same staff to select all notes.
Go to the side panel Properties. If this is invisible press F8. In Properties > Note > Head > Select cross.

"Also, the chords show up in the keys part but not on the master score."
If you mean by chords the notes they consist of: on my system the chords are not present in the (master)score nor in the Keys part.
If you mean the chord symbols: they are present in the score and in the Keys part.

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The score consists of the four staves/instruments on staff 1, 2, 3 and 4.
If you would have made the chord symbols invisible in your .mscz they wouldn't show up at all if Show invisible would have been unticked. To check that select e.g. part 1. Visit Menu > Show. Show invisible is ticked.
If you want the chord symbols on all staves: on staff 4 Keys in measure 41 right-click the symbol > Similar on this staff. This selects all chord symbols. Copy them with Ctrl + C.
Select m 41 in staff 1. Paste with Ctrl + V. Do the same in staff 2 and 3.
To make the symbols in the score only visible on staff 1: select in m 41 the full measure rest - or the measure - in staff 2. Press Shift + Down twice. Press Ctrl + Shift to select m 41 on the 3 staves.
Press Ctrl + Shift + End : this selects all measures from m 41 to the end in the 3 staves.
Right-click a symbol. Select More > Same subtype > In selection > OK. Press V.

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Thanks! These were perfect instructions, easy to follow, and I got down what I needed to.

One last thing. On the keys track, I just want the chords to be played, not the single notes. How can I get the keys to play only the chords as listed and not the individual root notes?

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