Spacing of Staves

• Oct 1, 2023 - 02:53

I'm about to print my first project. I note that the first page has 5 evenly spaced systems. The second page has two widely spaced systems. How can I move the second system on the second page closer to the first system?


Without seeing the score, if you are talking about a two-page score with a total of 7 systems, consider balancing the pages by, for example, placing a page break after the 3rd system of the title (first) page. This will place 4 systems on the second page.

Another way would be to 'Disable vertical justification of staves' using menu item Format→Style→Page which would reduce the distance between those 2 systems on the second page -- leaving more whitespace at the page bottom.

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You wrote:
I adjusted the vertical spacing...

Okay, but no one here saw how you did it, so please explain your exact steps. The term "vertical spacing" is too general -- there are different ways to make such changes. How did you do it?
What dialog window were you specifically looking at where you made the adjustment and couldn't find a Save button?

Also, attaching your score to your post would eliminate much guesswork on this end of the forum.

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