MuseScore 4.1.1 Will Not Boot (Apple Sonoma 14.0)

• Oct 1, 2023 - 00:54

Today, suddenly MuseScore 4.1.1 failed boot up. This happened coincidentally with a notice that my Apple OS was ready for update to "Sonoma" v. 14.0

So I went ahead and updated the system, thinking perhaps that would help.

Now MuseScore crashes completely when trying to open. It doesn't even present the error message signifying a failed attempt that I can send to Apple.

I deleted my copy and downloaded a fresh copy directly from the website (it crashed), and then downloaded a new copy using the HUB. No joy. I cannot boot up. Any ideas? BTW MuseScore3 works perfectly. Thanks


I shut the computer down and restarted. Now, at least I am getting the error message and report. Were I to attach it, would that be of use? Thanks.

Thinking the audio might be the issue, I selected the built-in Mac Mini speaker to insure no odd sound devices might be the problem. It still crashed immediately after the splash screen appeared. So I tried a clean install of MS4.

I deleted as much of MuseScore4 as I could find, including all MuseSounds. I cannot locate the MS4 preferences file in order to delete that as well.

Then, I reinstalled MuseScore4 using the HUB. The issue persists: I cannot open MuseScore4. Attached is the crash report, which I have sent to Apple.

I run a Mac M1 Mini with 8Gb memory running macOS "Sonoma" 14.0

Your help will be most welcome. Thank you

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MS 4.1.1 Crash Report.txt 128.89 KB

Happily, my Mac has Time Machine. I reverted my OS to Ventura and MuseScore works again. Note that this is not a fix....MuseScore 4 does not run on my Mac M1 Mini using MacOS Sonoma 14.0.

I have turned off all auto updates, including those via MuseHub.

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Well, that worked for a while.....
I was trying to uncover the reason why my midi keyboard transport buttons do not function as toggles (I have to hold the buttons down continuously for them to work; it works perfectly in MuseScore 3.6.+) Somehow resetting my MS4 preferences to "default" caused MuseScore to crash.

Prior to this event, simply quitting MuseScore4 generated a crash report on my Mac M1 Mini. It was generated every time I quit the program.

Now MuseScore 4.1.1 no longer opens at all in Mac OS Ventura, nor Sonoma (MuseScore 3.6 works perfectly). I have turned off/on the computer, deleted and reinstalled the MuseScore, MuseHub, Musehub instruments all to no effect. I have changed sound output from digital to analog devices without effect. Looks like I am, once again, going to have to resort to using TimeMachine to go back to when the program ran.... I know others have had this experience, yet I don't see much attention in GitHub as a serious concern. Below is the generated crash report which I have sent to Apple numerous times.

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