merging lines

• Sep 30, 2023 - 15:20

I have renamed soprano & alto line as per your instructions, thanks for that
I have also moved the Alto staff per your instructions, again thank you.
I have tried to follow your instructions re removal of the unwanted lines but it will not work for me
I have selected the unwanted Alto & Bass lines as you suggest. I do not have an END button
I don't have a selection filter but I found Selection under the Edit function but once I go in there and select voice 2 I cannot then select all and can go no further. Is there another instruction I am missing?
I have also just noticed that Soprano and Alto lines imploded correctly but when I did the same with Tenor and Bass musescore transferred different notes, an octave below. See attached. Jojo, I know you can wave your magic wand and fix my music for me but that is not what I need. I really want to be able to do this myself without having to go on the HELP line every time. Thanks for your patience. John Deegan

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I guess you're referring to
Please don't open a new topic, just reply to the existing one

The End key is the one below the Home key, in a regular PC keyboard.
You sure do have a selection filter, it exists in Mu4, Mu3 and Mu2.

Tenor notes of colurse need to be in the correct octave, usually in a G-clef ottava bassa, but here you kept Tenor as Tenor rather than men, hence a) wrong clef (should be F-clef) and b) these red notes (Tenors don't go that far down)

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