Trying to open a score, but it's corrupted.

• Sep 30, 2023 - 13:59

I've been working hard on a piece, and a few days before i finished it my computer closed before i could save it.

I tried to open it, but i got a pop-up that said:
"File "____. auto save" is defect.
This file contains an error that can make musescore not function proporly".

When i then pressed "open anyway", it open the score, but the pages did not load.

What do i do?


There are various reasons for damage. Sometimes it is repairable, sometimes unfortunately it is irreparable.
Best: Attach the mscz file so we can examine it and possibly repair it. Do the same with the autosave file, but you need to zip it. (The forum accepts only a few file types).

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