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• Sep 30, 2023 - 05:12

How do i convert my music from sheet to tabs for guitar


This should work:

• Staff/Part Properties Set Instrument to StringsPlucked> Classical Guitar
Press OK
• Press "i' to open the Instrument instrument dialog: select Staff 1
• Press Add Linked Staff button
• Select Tab.6.str.common or your preferred sox-string tablature style.
Press OK

But after these steps Musescore crashes every time ...

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I'm glad the steps I outlined worked for you. And your "mod" version opens fine here in v3.6.

A few additional things to address:

• Change the treble clef to an 8va clef. Then delete the erroneous 8va clef added to the TAB staff—just click the "8va" clef on the TAB staffand press delete.
• Select all. Transpose down one octave. Control/Command down arrow does the trick. This puts renders the frets in the correct octave.
• Hide the unison notes in the tablature's bass line. Click each unison and press v to toggle the "visible" property. Those unisons then display in gray onscreen, but will not print. (I did this for the first line of the score.) You can completely hide "non visible" objects onscreen by unchecking View>Show Invisible

See the attached score.

Nice piece. Who is the composer?


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