Adding a fermata to the top and bottom of a chord.

• Sep 28, 2023 - 20:44

I am transcribing an old score and in one measure, there are two fermatas one above the chord and
one below the chord. How do I enter both of them? In the properties I found the "above" and "below"
option but not a "both". I tried entering one and then going back and entering the other but M deletes the
old one as it adds the new one.

thank you



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Thank you I found it.
The chord from the top is: E,C,A.
I had entered the E and the A as voice 1.
I kept clicking on the A trying to stick in the Fermata but it would go to the top.
I looked at the C and saw that it was voice 2, and selected it and the tried the fermata and it went to the
bottom. So the from the suggestions/feedback I got, it led me to go back and look at the voices and I
figured it out.
Yeah, thanks for the suggestions. The immediate feedback I get on the forum is super.

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