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• Sep 26, 2023 - 22:05

Marc S suggested I post this here. I have a simple 4 part vocal score done. Each part is named for the person singing it, but I have the sound set to piano for all 4. The mixer shows 4 piano parts all called "piano" - np. The page shows 4 clefs - np. However when I export "parts" I get an increasing, seemingly random bunch of duplicated parts and they aren't properly named. This means I can't export to create the 4 individual voice pdfs or mp3s for the singers. These increasing number of part tabs can't be deleted (or I just haven't figured out how).
Marc S said to manage everything I need to do in the Parts panel but...

My Parts panel currently contains 8 parts none of which have "delete" as an option. There are 3 copies of the Sop1, 2 copies of the Sop2, 2 copies of A1, and 1 copy of A2. I tried the "reset" option but now I just have more parts!

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The score is definitely corrupted. That would be a bug in the program that this was allowed to happen. In order to begin the process of investigating, we'd need to know what steps you took editing this that might have triggered the bug. Anything unusual you did involving the parts in this score that might explain how it got into this unusual state?

Anyhow, either of the attached fixed files should solve the problem, and hopefully it doens't happen again (it's not normal at all). if it does ever happen again, be sure to followup here with any additional information you can provide on what might have triggered it.

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We may never know what happened. In the meantime, the score is fixable. There's a few methods.
One would be to create a new four staff score. I used four altos. You can change labels later. C + P from the old score into the new one. I did it one staff at a time. Repeats might need to be redone. You can rename the staves in the parts dialogue. And change the font to piano in the mixer.
I did thi with the first page just to see if it worked

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