Note entry suggestion for "uncommon" accidentals (E#/Fb, B#/Cb, and double flats/sharps)

• Sep 26, 2023 - 12:46

Good morning from Texas!

I have some suggestions for note entry. I'm not sure if this is a setting that can be changed anywhere but I would really appreciate (at least being able to toggle a setting) that allows me to use the directional buttons on my keyboard to be able to enter in E#/Fb and B#/Cb instead of having to manually enter them in.

I also noticed that the accidentals I listed above as well as double flats and sharps, must be written down every time because it won't automatically carry through the measure as a default setting. For me it's not as important to be able to do this because I'm just writing exercises, but for the purposes of playback (I can't automatically assume that those accidentals carry through, and then I'd have to go back and change all of them for the correct playback) and I'd like to make the a score look less messy.

I have attached examples of my suggestions below.

Thank you!


The following actions already have (empty) shortcuts waiting for you to assign your own shortcut value:
Add accidental: flat
Add accidental: natural
Add accidental: sharp
Add accidental: double-flat
Add accidental: double-sharp
Toggle accidental: double-flat
Toggle accidental: double-sharp

Menu path: Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Search for "accidental"

Enter the pitch and then press J to scroll through alternative "spellings". Enter B (natural) for example, and J scrolls through B, Cb, xA

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