Repeats and jumps for verses and chorus

• Sep 25, 2023 - 08:54


I thought I had annotated my musescore score correctly, but the playback plays everything through in one go.

There are 32 bars and I wish the sequence to be like that:

  • bars 1-10: intro and verse ,
  • bars 11 (signe), 12, 13 + 11, 12, 14, 15, 16: chorus (little repeat in there), continue to verse 2,
  • bars 17 - 24: verse 2, then jump to D.S., chorus @ bar 11++, then jump to verse 3,
  • bars 25 - 32: verse 3, then jump to D.S., chorus @ bar 11++, then fine.

How can I accomplish this sequence with the annotation available?

Many thanks in advance,


Unfortunately, in asking for help you have partially "solved" your problem, which is something we all seem to do. But, if you had actually solved it, you wouldn't be asking for help, so this makes it difficult to know exactly what you want? Can you write out the whole sequence of the music in the form A-B-C-A-A-B-C-D-E or even post a score that plays the way you want but which doesn't have any repeats or jumps?

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Hello and many thanks for your response.

Actually, first I did have all in a long sequence, over many pages. Therefore, I thought: I need to compress that to safe paper and space so all fits on a few pages.

The sequence is of sorts: A - X-Y-X-Z - B - X-Y-X-Z - C - X-Y-X-Z where X-Y-X-Z is a chorus with some repeat inside. So it is about a repeat of something that has a repeat.

I have attached the arrangement.

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