MuseScore keeps changing my tablature.

• Sep 24, 2023 - 18:33

Hi! New to MuseScore here. Was wanting to tab out a song I've been writing/use this as some sort of composition tool. I was trying to use TuxGuitar but TuxGuitar, as useful as it can be, is a pain in the behind sometimes, especially with keeping tunings. So before plunking money on GuitarPro, I decided to give MuseScore a shot.

Now, I could input tabs by hand just fine... until I put the song in Drop C# instead of E standard. Now it steadfastly refuses to keep my tab suggestions. Every time I try to tab something that's like 10-12 on the lower strings, everything gets shifted to the next strings over. This wasn't happening when I had written the tab in E standard, but of course it's all wrong because I wrote the song in Drop C#.

I'm just picking individual notes. There's a good reason I'm playing on higher frets--that's the sound I want! I've tested it myself.

Is there some hidden option to stop this from happening?


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