Score from MS 3.6.2 formats way off in MS 4.1.1

• Sep 24, 2023 - 10:48

I have an old score originally created in an MS version in 2015. Modified several times lastly in MS 3.6.2 where it formats fine in two pages.
When I open the score in MS 4.1.1 it looks horrible. Some staves are visible missing but audible.
Resetting the formatting does not fix the problem. I've tried to export in MS 3.6.2 to musicxml and import in MS 4.1.1 - same problem.

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The staves are not gone but moved very far down the page. There seems to be something wrong with the lyrics that occupy too much space. When you delete all lyrics the staves are spaced correctly. I haven’t figured out how you could delete the lyrics and simply paste them again so I don’t know any solution other than adding the lyrics manually but at least the score is not lost completely.

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I discover the same as you. I also found a method to perhaps help to keep most lyrics. (SEE ALSO MY EDIT after this)

Insert a new measure before measure 6, then delete the old measure 6 (which is now measure 7 due to the inserted measure).
Insert a new measure before measure 21, then delete the old measure 21 (which is now measure 22 due to the inserted measure).
Insert a new measure before measure 33, then delete the old measure 33 (which is now measure 33 due to the inserted measure).

Now you can re-enter the content of the 3 deleted measures.

I have now noticed these 3 measure do have something in common. They all have an "odd" text element.


The circled element is slightly different then a normal hyphen/dash. Also when I zoom the score in MS3, this symbol vanishes when zoom is 254% or higher.
After removing these characters (in MS3), I can open the file correct in MS4 without visible issues.

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Trying to insert extra hyphens explicitly is really not a good idea. I would call these "hard hyphens" because they are typed in rather than being generated automatically.

If you need the hyphens to occur closer together, it's better to adjust the setting here:
Format > Style... > Lyrics > Lyrics Hyphen > Max hyphen distance > reduce

I find that reducing the Max hyphen distance from the default 16sp to 12sp makes the lyrics easier to read.

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