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• Sep 23, 2023 - 23:35

I tried uploading my score "Grave Goods" via the "Publish "option, and got a message to say that it could not be uploaded, and a link to this forum. So here I am!
I would also like to report that attempting to upload from the My Scores score itself didn't update the mp3, so when I played it I soon realised that what I was seeing didn't match what I was hearing..
The only viable option seems to be to delete the published score and then specify that it is a new score.
I am really upset at all these problems associated with MS4, both publishing and playback, and am considering trying another solution.


What's the exact text of the error message when you used Publish?

And yes, your web browser doesn't know how to generate MuseScore audio, so uploading a score using your web browser won't give you the correct sounds. But, publishing from MuseScore should work fine, no need to delete anything - the existing score should be updated autoamtically.

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Thankyou. This time I couldn't reproduce the first error. Drat.
Some points, if you don't mind me offloading a bit:
1) It worries me that an upload from the web browser doesn't at least ask if you want the audio generating.
2) It annoys me that the default file suggestion on the publishing upload form (once the audio has finished being generated) is always(!) an old piece of mine "She Walks In Beauty", which I haven't accessed or worked on for a while now! Shouldn't this default to the last uploaded file?
3) On the browser screen for the piece "Grave Goods" there is a message saying "Your score has been published privately and is only viewable by you", which is nonsense, because I specified public.
4) All is not bad news: the age old failure of the web browser to refresh to show when the piece has been uploaded has been remedied!
5) I continue to have a whole range of audio issues in MS4, and I have to go back to basic settings often - I would be grateful for the link to the place where ideal settings are shown for audio production in WIndows 10. One of these issues (and is the subject of a different log) is the delay between choral parts on cplayback, (Acknowledged by one of your colleagues when I sent him a playback)

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Web browsers can't generate MsueScore audio, so there would be no point in them asking.

I'm not sure what you mean about the "default file suggestion". Do you mean the title? That is taken from the title in the score itself. Is it possible you've been creating sciores by copying that old file and that file is still in the metadata? Check File Project properties to see.

If you specify a score is public but changes it to private, then probably the composition your arrangement is based on is copyrighted by someone who has not given permissions for arrangements to be posted publicly.

In any case, questions about the commercial score-sharing website are best asked over there on that site.

If you're having some sort of audio probably in MuseScore itself, then please start a new thread here and explain in more detail.

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I'm still confused then - there is no file name "suggestion". There is a display of the name of the actual file, but it's not changeable - is that what you mean? Best to attach your score, and then also attach a screenshot of the what you are talking about. Then we can understand and assist better.

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See screen prints. It has now loaded correctly, but it was (and I promise!) a different file name (see Snip 4) next to Replace File.
There are still questions I have:
Why Snip 3 message?
Why Snip 5 banner?
Furthermore, parts are often out of synch with each other when I play on my system, the worst example being bars 76 and 77. Is that evident on your system? I desperately need an answer. If it isn't a problem on your system it is a problem with my own computer. I think it may be exacerbated whenever there are staccato markings. Also bar 54: I have had to reduce the volume on the top soprano note with a "p", because the feedback was painful.
Thanks for your continued help,
Ali Wood

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That error in snip3 looks worrisome. It appears been saving multiple scores to this same place on - not a good idea, and likely the cause of what you saw with another score's filename being displayed. My guess is you have two different scores on your computer with the same URL in the source field, and perhaps also you uploaded a score using browser after also using publish from within MuseScore.

To avoid those sorts of problems, never upload using your browser, and don't create new scores by simply copying old ones, unless you also clear out the metadata in project properties.

As for the playback, if you mean the fact that the attack starts ever so slightly ahead the beat, yes I heard that. I assume it's deliberate, to avoid to perception of the note being late - a common technique when using vowel sounds.

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Thanks. From your observations I suggest that I create a new score from scratch, then copy and paste the entire bars from beginning to end to the new score. That way there can be no vestige of remains of the old URL (snip 6 attached - should I clear the source field before publishing?). Save the file. Delete the piece from Then "Publish" it from my computer Musescore.

Is that a good plan?

The reason I mixed uploading methods was that they are both available!! Maybe this should be looked at by the .com guys, - either prohibited, or at least giving a warning for users like me.

I'll discuss with you the playback problem in a different post. It is a showstopper for me and others.
PS How do I italicise or bolden the text in these messages?

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No, I'm not recommending copying and pasting a thing. If you are truly creating a new composition,k there is nothing to copy - just create the new score. If you're creating a new score that is based on an existing one, then by all means use "save as", but then simply clear out the metadata in File Project properties.

The source filed is what controls whether the score you publish is published as a new score or overwrites an older one. Under normal circumstance you should never touch it - MuseScore fills it in automatically. The only reason to touch it is in the case I mentioned - if you've taken made a copy of one score (A) to use in creating another (B). Then publishing score B will default to overwriting score A on the website. MuseScore will ask if you want to or not, but if you clear the source field first it won't even ask.

So, clear the source filed if that URL is not actually correct for the score you are trying to upload. leave it alone if it is correct.

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Yes, the problem is getting it dealt with by them in a satisfactory time frame, I prefer your user forum which is much easier to navigate. Finally, can you please point me to a link which addresses the sound specifications and minimum requirements for MS4?
Thanks as always,

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This forum might be easier to navigate, but it's completely useless for solving problems with Just as it is useless for solving problems with your Netflix account. Posting problems about unrelated subjects just makes it harder for we volunteers to provide help on MuseScore. So please, don't do it. If you have a problem with some other website - whether Netflix or - please ask in the appropriate place on that website, not here.

Recommended specs are listed on the main Download / Software page on this site.

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It leads to confusion having virtually the same name, but I guess that will never change. I'm interested to know what relationship you guys have with the staff and or/ the volunteers at Musescore ,com? There must surely be a constant dialogue between the two?
When I worked in business, projects that involved interfaces between one system and another had regular meetings between operators and users of both systems to resolve problems jointly.
Specifically, the problems I have reported relate to messages not being interpreted by Both teams should be interested in helping solve these jointly if necessary.
I think your forums are brilliant. When I talk to you guys, I know that pure Musescore problems can be escalated if appropriate, via a recognised route to the software writers. I haven't clue what goes on at - the website is sometimes hard to untangle.
PS I don't think there's an i/f between Netflix and musescore.... ;-)

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It's concievable that someday the score-sharing website might choose another name, but it seems to me this would be counterproductive, since a) the existing name has so much recognition, and b) there is no getting around the fact that it's a place for sharing MuseScore files specifically.

Anyhow, it is important to know that this forum is entirely manned by volunteers. No one who works for the company posts here on a regular basis - just the announcements in the Announcements forum, really. Every once in a while some random person who works for the company might weigh in, but the vast majority of all posts here are from people like me or you - volunteers who use the software and are just trying to help each other out.

Now, as for the people who do work for that company, I imagine there are some meetings indeed where employees on the MuseScore team do occasionally meet those on the website team, but I doubt there is much communication, because it wouldn't normally be necessary. Just as when I worked in the software division at HP, we rarely met with the printer folks.

But in any case, none of those employees - whether they work on the software or the website - are likely to ever see anything you post here. The one and only reason to post here is to ask for help from other volunteer users like you and me. If you are trying to reach employees of the the company, you're just plain in the wrong place here.

BTW, not sure where you are finding confusion on that other site, but contacting the support team over there is as simple as clicking the contact link at the bottom of any page.

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I am still getting the error in Snip3. This still after checking the source field to be identical to the existing link on the website, taking the Publish option rather than the option to Upload from the browser.
I then take the option to Replace (in Snip3).
I then get the Edit Score screen. It prompts the name of the score "Grave Goods" but that is not the name of the file I wish to Select, so I change it to Grave Goods.59. This is what I have always done. FINE.
I then get an annoying banner offering a free trial (!!!), but the file appears on the web, correctly, albeit with the part names totally wrong (Bass Guitar + Synthesizer!!!) . I've checked the part names within Musescore and they seem correct. Could I be missing something? Here's an example of what I said about doubt over who is responsible for the error - is it for sending it incorrectly, or for receiving it incorrectly? :)
If as you say the option to upload from the web is unadvisable, are the web team aware of that?

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I still don't understand what you mean about changing the name of the file. There simply is no place during the upload dialog where you can change a file name. Please list the precise steps you are following - numbered in a list to make it easy to follow - and show a screen shot of the exact step at which something goes wrong.

As for uploading scores using a web browser, yes, anyone who helps design websites would be well aware that a web browser is incapable of generating audio from a MuseScore file. So you are welcome to upload via a web browser if you don't mind the audio not being updated.

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Yes there is. I already sent snips of the entire process and if you look in Snip 4 (see previous post) you will see a field which gives the option to Replace File. I ALWAYS use that field and as I am constantly developing and replacing the on-line version of a piece then I don't want to upload the default file without a suffix, so I hit Replace File and it allows me to select the latest Grave Goods (for example Grave Goods 60.mscz) from my folder which contains all the versions of Grave Goods developed sequentially.
What I understand you to mean by web browser is my page on the site for the specific score (Grave Goods), where there is a dropdown menu (Snip 7 attached) with one of the options to Upload, which takes you straight to the Score Edit screen. This used to be my standard way of uploading a score to the website and never caused any problems. Again I replaced the default (which would always come up as Grave Goods) with my latest version, say Grave Goods 60.mscz) and it uploaded. The audio got updated every time, so I don't understand you comment.
In addition, when the Publish option first of all generates the mp3 file and gets to the Score Edit screen, it should really prompt the name of the score I am in on Musescore! Grave Goods 60 whatever, and not "Grave Goods" . Another funny.

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I'm sorry, I just don't understand the "replace file" bit. If you are uploading directly from MuseScore using the publish button, you should never ever touch the file info. There would be no reason to - the file that is uploaded may be automatically generated by MuseScore (since the score might never have actually been saved locally). I'm guessing whatever problem you are encountering is caused by your messing with things that should be left alone. But still absent clear precise numbered steps I can follow myself in order with this score in particular, it's difficult for me to understand.

So please, if you want assistance, please help us understand by doing the following:

1) in a reply to this message, write out the steps you are following in a clearly numbered list like this one
2) make a screen recording of you following these steps
3) upload the screen recording to YouTube or your favorite other video hosting service
4) put the link to that recording in that same reply
5) describe precisely what actually goes wrong

As for uploading via a web browser instead of the correct way - yes, back in the days when the only sounds supported by Musescore was a single default soundfont, then uploading from a web browser could update sound, since the Musescore back end on could access that same default soundfont. but that method never worked since multiple soundfonts were supported well over 10 years ago - you'd always get the default soudnfont. And it's just impossible today now that there are VST instruments and Muse Sounds also in the mix. If you want the correct audio, you need to upload from MsueScore, just as you should have been all along.

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Here are the salient steps.
I can't get why you don't understand the 'file ' bit, so I've enlarged upon this in step 3 where it says Replace File.

The OLD way of uploading a score (which I had no reason, as far as me "messing about" is concerned, to suppose it wouldn't still work) was:
1) From the "My Scores" website, get onto the page for a particular score that I want to update.
2) From the 3 dots at the top right hand of the page, select the option to Upload Score) [Snip 7]
3) This then brings up the SCORE EDIT screen [ Snip 8]. There you will see a button which says Replace File.
I click on this and it brings up my Windows folder containing all my versions of Grave Goods, and I select the latest version eg Grave Goods 60.mscz.. Why do I do this? Because I like to keep my archive versions intact.
4) I hit Save.
5) In a while the selected score appears on the website and replaces the old one AND updates the audio QED.

The NEW way, and the way I am using more often nowadays,
1) hit the Publish button from within Musescore [Snip 9]
2) The audio generates. [Snip 10]
3) An error box comes up saying there are conflicts. [Snip 3] I hit Replace File because I don't understand the appearance of this screen.
4) The SCORE EDIT screen appears. Proceeds exactly as I did in the OLD way.
5) The score appears on the website. BTW, the correct audio is loaded (Muse Sounds), despite what you say above.

PS Whether I use the old or the new way makes no odds in the fact that the Part Names are corrupted on the website.

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Please understand, what you call the "old way" was never the correct way. It never worked correctly for the reasons I stated (only worked if you use the default soundfont and none other). the "save online" function within MuseScore has been the correct way to publish scores for the better part of a decade now. To be honest, I have no idea why the people who run even offer the other method given it doesn't work correctly and never has. You say it updates the audio, but it can only do so if you limit yourself to the default soundfont - it's never ever been able to handle any other audio. But anyhow, the fact that you used this method in the past is, unfortunately, the cause of your problems now.

Had you been using the "save online" (old name for "publish to") all along, you'd never ever see that message about conflicts. The message is caused specifically by your now having tried to update the same score two different ways.

So what you should probably do at this point is just remove those scores and republish them correctly. Or, they have comments or stats you wish to keep, first be sure to never ever use the web method again on that score, and then see if the following steps can repair the damage that has already been caused:

1) load your current version of the score - the one you want to see on - into MuseScore
2) go to File / Project properties
3) copy and paste the URL you see in the "source" filed into your web browser
4) verify that the resulting score you see on is the correct on you want to update
5) if not, find the correct score, and copy/paste it's URL back to the "source" field in File / Project properties
6) use File / Publish to
7) if you see the error message about conflicts, click "Replace"
8) in the dialog that follows where you are prompted for a title, description, and other info, do not under any circumstance ever touch the "replace file" button
9) hit "Save" when done

With any luck, the damage will be repaired, and then in the future, you can simply hit publish to update the score.

And yes, if you use publish from within MsueScor,e the audio is updated. - I never said otherwise. Quite the contrary - that's the entire reason I've been insisting the publish method is the only correct method and has been since at least MuseScore 2.

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Thanks for this information. I'd been using Musescore for 4 years and never realised that the Upload button on the website was the cause of my problems. But then again, why would I? You're right, they should take it off.
In order to expedite that should I log it as a bug on their system?
Anyway, the uploads from within musescore seem to work now, but I still get a screen asking for details to be confirmed, and even when I do that (for example specify the parts and genre) it still gets it wrong.
You've been very patient - many thanks.

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Well, prior to MuseScore 4, it wouldn't cause a problem in itself - unless you tried using non-default sounds. It's the mix of different methods of uploading that is the real cause of problems.

It's not a bug that they provide this button, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to contact their support staff and suggest they either remove it or at least add a warning.

And yes, when you upload, you still have the opportunity to confirm details, whether it's a new score or an update. Not sure what you mean about something getting it wrong, but - once again - if your question is about, please ask over there on that site.

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