Q3 spacing between blank staves

• Sep 23, 2023 - 22:01

Chromebook/Linux i5 8gig Mu4.1

I would like to reduce the spacing between multiple blank staves on a page in a large score. Not every page, just a few pages throughout the work. Something like the arrows for adding spacing between staves, just reduce the space slightly.(do one of those arrows work that way?)

The standard spacing is fine, most of the time. I do not wish to adjust things for the whole score. Just a page here and there. Deleting the blank measures does not work as it just gives a page with 6 or 7 staves. The previous and following pages are fine as is, now!

Is there anyway to shrink spacing between...a page at a time?


Sorry, but we need to see one of your pages. Everyone sets up their scores differently. What work for one may not work for another. Adding a dynamic on the bottom staff might change the spacing. As might just moving something. Did you try the arrows? Just hit the undo button if it doesn't work. Try stuff.

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I use standard setup from 4.1. I do not wish to play games adjusting spacing .1 at a time. As I said it is for just just a page or three in a 100 page score, so I do not wish to change everything for just a very few pages.

As for the arrows, you should take your own advice and try something before suggesting it. It is down arrow push down or up arrow push down. As what seems normal in Musescore, two ways to do the same thing.

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Read my reply to underquark and you may understand my original problem. The one thing I forgot to add was when you select the tool you have to click an open spot on the score to de-highlite the bar and then click the bar to bring up the box to move it. It would be nice if the bar showed up when you clicked the tool in the layout pallette. (this was my experience...repeatedly.) Thanks for the help

Did you read the Handbook? If not, why not? If you did but couldn't find the answer, can you suggest a better way to word it so that others may benefit?

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I will get back to you on your question. Two other comments are showing the same thing. I did read the handbook. And no it was not obvious to me how it works/helps. And as I said in one of the other comments, I do not remember as many choices in my 'layout'. Will have to look again soon. Thanks for info. This is what I was looking to hear about...and strangely I did not even have to 'send a score'.

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I did try to find something in the handbook. No real luck understanding what was implied. I am not a wordsmith, by any means, so I would not even try to suggest something!

Having said that....I will offer one suggestion which I know would have helped me greatly. When I file one of these posts I nearly always forget to include....mouse imput! This might have helped understand my problem. And hinted at a solution.

So, my suggestion, and part of my problem finding the solution... when hovering the mouse pointer over boxes in the layout pallet, the one that you and another mentioned reads "staff spacing fixed 'down' ". In no way shape or form does this imply to me that the staves will be moving 'up'. If it had said Up I would have at least given it a try. The handbook says something like 'change staff spacing'? Not really saying Up, which was what I was looking for. Do not know if this responds fully to your question...Best I got! Thanks for the help

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Actually, I agree with you. It is very difficult to tell just what those spacer tools do. I've never used them. But I just spent a few minutes working with them. I was able to figure them out. And I'm a mouser, also.

The "Up" or "Down" part of the name of the spacer only tells you weather the arrow appears above (Up) or below (Down) the staff you are working on. The "staff spacing fixed Down" then means the tool appears below the staff in question. If you try all three tools you will see how they work. The manual for MU4 is not complete and not always clear. It is certainly open to revision.

It is annoying that we have to drag over the line that shows up in the score to get the adjustment box to show. Rather than just select it. For now this may be what we have to deal with.

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I agree about the manual. I used to use one of the arrows often, back in MU2. But things have changed with spacing since. I have rarely if ever used it since.

Having 'down' in the description of a tool and that telling you where the handle is seems superfluous. When you select the tool and (finally) figure out how to show the handle the location of the handle Is obvious. In this case I would rather know the direction of the 'fixed spacing'.

You obviously spend more time exploring. When I am in the program I am working. And when not working I am not in the program. Yes, this 'may' mean I do not always find something that might be helpful...sometime. I would probably forget it if I were not using something all the time. So, seems a waste of effort for Me!
Thanks for the thoughts

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I understand. But consider how much time you have spent on the forum for this one thing, as opposed to just trying things or exploring, as you put it. It took me almost no time to discover how the arrows work. It took much more time to figure out how to explain them. Seems to me that part of "working" in a program is figuring out how to use it.

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Can not disagree. I just expect some help from the program as to how things work. I want to know ahead what to expect from the tool/feature before I start messing with it. Approaching the forum gives some insite I might not have known. And I am not even starting working when I visit the forum. So no, it was not any waste of time.
Good thought, though! Now...back to work.

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