Synchronising between DAW and Muse Score ( Film Scoring )

• Sep 22, 2023 - 21:35

for film work, I DESPERATELY need , and I'm sure a lot of other film composers also need, the possibility to MIDI SYNC Muse Score with a DAW .
This could be via another program or utility like the IAC bus in Mac OS for example, or Jack Audio , midi pipe etc.
For that there needs to be a Midi Sync page within Muse Score that can send and receive sync and midi transport control information.
After that, a routable midi out and in for each instrument would be amazing- then one could transfer instantly midi tracks between Muse Score and the DAW.


this would be cool. one thought though - where is the MIDI coming from? the DAW (meaning you already composed it via your MIDI controller and DAW instrumentation)? and the need (immediately) is the ability to then share that with Musescore (and possibly that score would be checked out by say a violin soloist or horn player to perform along with it?)
lot's of possibilities. i would say -- describe the work flow(s).

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