MuseSounds are different now? (notes dropping, weird playback)

• Sep 21, 2023 - 23:50

I thought I was finally getting MuseSounds to work for me, it was sounding pretty good with a few quirks. Idk if MuseSounds got an update maybe but suddenly it just...doesn't? The bassoon sounds different for sure, probably better, I guess. But now I get so many random notes just not playing, or dynamics just dropping off, like it's suddenly so quiet.

Anyway, there's just weird stuff happening all through the score, it's a long score so I expect anyone to listen all the way through or anything but here's a few examples:

For example this passage in attached file, measure 177-185. I can't get the violin to play all the notes. But the exact same score did it fine a few weeks ago. I tried deleting the notes that don't sound (the c's on the downbeats mostly) and re-writing them and still no.

Also 294-298. Idk what's going on with that crescendo in violins. It was great before.

244 onwards, you can hear if you solo the Flute, it's like swinging the eighth notes? It's pausing at the end of each measure and then almost doing a dotted note into the downbeat of the next. It kinda sounds like it's playing a weird Irish jig or something lol.

I'm just trying to see if other people are relating to these issues recently, if it was because of an update or something. Or if it's just my computer or what?

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I don't know. I don't have that problem, though, and I've been composing some pretty big scores recently (I just finished a really big one) and I've never had that problem. I do use a mac, though, so it might just be your computer.

Consider using Violins 2 and dialing off the extra reverb. The numbers don't refer to seats, but rather playing styles.
Cresc seemed OK to me.

As did the flute.

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