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• Sep 21, 2023 - 16:33

Musescore 4 does not save own palettes. Yes, I know it has already been discussed, but the problem is still unsolved. And it's not a minor issue - it really slows down work and is very frustrating.

Only one file opened, one window.
Windows 11

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This really impairs the workflow compared with MuseScore 3 which works quite well in this respect.
To list the crucial items IMO:
Properties for palette items not accessible when items are the result of a palette search

Palette search can't find custom palette -

Palette Cell attributes' changes do not persist across launches.
Notice that properties (including name) do not update until another element is added to the custom palette
But a search via Ctrl + F9 will not find the new name.

Positive news: Apply current palette element command not implemented Fortunately there is a fix.

Paltte news for Windows: see

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