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• Sep 21, 2023 - 10:04

Hello Musescorers:

I'm a guitarist and am trying to create a score of "comping" a tune. I want to use that slash "/" notation to designate a strum... and can't find it and don't know how to use it in Musescore 4.

I've attached a score I'm working on. You'll see that in meausre 13 I've got a Am11 in beat 1.

I want beats 2, 3, and 4 to be those slash strum notations.

How do I do that, please?


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Hello cadiz1,

Thank you for your reply.

You asked, "And what explite difference between your other post (the attached file is the same)?

My reply is: I am not able to find how to do what you did. Could not fina a palate of strum marks in Musescore 4. Using the magnifying glass in Musescore 4 where I searched for "strum marks," "guitar strum," "strum," etc...there were no relevant hits that guided me to understand how to do what you did.

While I'm greatful for your reply, I'd be even more grateful if you'd explain how you did what you did.

Thanks, what I need to know.

Would you kindly provide guidance that could inform me about that, please... for Musescore 4?

Thank you!

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Thank you for your clarifiaction, cadiz1!

It seems that it can be important to specify a 2nd voice, as you seem to imply.

I had to go to the "gear" icon, and find "second voice," and click on it. That added a designation in the tool bar that was "q2".

Then, I had to figure out which voice to use to "fill in slashes" from Tools > fill in slashes.

And, even then, I had to be careful about which voice I choose to fill in slashes: one choice put them in the proper place: in the middle of the staff. The other placed the slashes above the staff.

Hope this usefull adds to the discussion.

I'd be grateful for your guidance on this issue.

Thank you,

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There seems to be another problem: the solution that cadiz1 suggested is generally quite good. However, if you'vw go triplets, the "fill in the slashes" soluiton does not work. That approach ignores the triplet tempo.

Maybe a bug?

Or is there a solution to this?

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This is possible. A bit of work. MU4
1. View>Show>uncheck Show Invisible
2. Fill a measure with slashes.
3. Select the first slash and make it a half note slash.
4. With it still selected, hit CTRL + 3.
5. Add the two quarter notes to finish the triplet.
6. On the left of your screen, select the properties tab.
7. Select the notehead of the first note of the triplet. Select "Appearance" to get to a window that shows different noteheads.
8. select Slash. Do the same for the other two notes.
9. Select in turn each stem and uncheck "Visible" near the top of the properties box.
10. Select and flip the triplet bar.

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Wow! What a brilliant soluton! Brilliant in it conceptual simplicity in treading slashes as if they are note heads.

Once you've accepted that way of thinking of it, it is easy-peasy!

Congratulations in a remarkably simple solution, bobjp.

My sincere gratitude goes out to you, by friend! C'mon by and have a cuppa coffe sometime, bobjp!

Old from the Older Country

ps. I'm putting this one in my own bag of tricks!!!!

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Well, I'm just and old folk guitar player. I can't imagine playing a three string Am11 on the 10th fret. So the person that made this sheet music has those diagrams ready to go. I would have to C + P them someplace, do the measure work, then C + P them back.

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Hi bobjp:

You are right, again!

What worked ok for me was just "copy and paste" of stacked notes (chords expressed in the staff), and "copy and paste" of the fingering diagrams, separately.

I thought I should add these issues to this discussion so that folks following this and/or finding the discussion in the future would find guidance on how ta git 'er done.

Am11 on the 10th fret is either ain't worth nothing, or worth getting even with the guy when I play it awful bad.

My claim to fame is that I ran into guy who I realized was a character in "Spanky and the Gang." We sang a chorus of Shanty Town together 'acopulco,' together. 'Twas the highlight of my musical career.... that ended when the song ended.


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As I see it, the world is full of exceptional and un-exceptional musicians. I am a proud member of the very important latter group. We are the ones that make the former group look as good as they do.

The only claim I have is that I built, from scratch, the acoustic guitar that I try to play.

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