Scores I Marked as Public Being Published Privately? Why?

• Sep 19, 2023 - 20:57

When I upload my scores, I set them as "Public", yet my 20 most recent scores (when viewed on their own page) have a notice that they have been published privately, and that only I can see them.

Why is this happening?

In my view, this is wrong and needs to be fixed.

I mark them as public so that people can find them, see them, and interact with them.

Please fix this error.


I have seen similar issues, however this is You will want to reach out to support as these two sites have almost nothing to do with each other except the software.

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You wrote:
I... am now holding onto the typical robo-response that you get when they either don't give a rip or haven't had the chance to look into it yet.

They may be busy processing refunds... ;-)
(Lately there has been a decrease in the frequency of refund complaints posted here.)

Still, though, in your case, nothing can be done over here at .org.

I have encountered this problem in this last week with my two most recent scores both marked in the public domain, but both with this message on.

I have only just started using musescore again after an absence of a couple of years. I therefore had a browse through some of my older scores and found to my dismay that about a dozen of them had this same message on them (all are in the public domain).

I have messaged about this but i am still waiting for a response.

Did you get a resolution to this problem?

Kind regards


I have the same problem. When I publish a score I choose public, however it displays private on the MuseScore website. This didn't happen before I upgrade to 4.1.

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No one here is associated with that team. It's up to the people experiencing the problem to report it, and up to their team to do something about it. The ball is currently in the court of those experiencing the problem. Once reported, then the ball is theirs and there isn't anything more anyone here can do. Even if they chose not to respond in whatever way you were hoping for to whatever else you reported to them, it's not personal, and getting the report from a different person won't change it's priority.

I get the same message after I upload a non-copyrighted score using MuseScore 4.1. The following message shows up in the upper right corner when I go to look at my score: "Your score has been published privately and is only viewable by you." However, when I look at the stats for the score, it shows people have viewed it (see attachment - eyeball icon has a "2" next to it).

Billsey - The image that you attached to your post (second attachment) shows 5 views next to the eyeball icon. I did a search for your score "The King of All Nations!" and found out that I CAN view it and download it. So my guess is that everyone can view your scores even though the "only viewable by you" message shows up. After viewing and downloading your score, I refreshed my screen and it showed a "6" next to your eyeball icon. I also left a comment.

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