Prepare my piano compositions for publishing

• Sep 19, 2023 - 16:04

Some of my piano compositions have already been digitalized with Finale, others are still in handwritten form.
The first group needs review by a pianist / software expert, since the conversion was done 15 years ago and the current version of Finale seems to be more powerful (from what I have heard) for a professional look of the score. And the other works still need to be digitalized.

To me, the critical view of a pianist is key in the process, not only with regard to correct time signatures, completion with dynamics and necessary fingering, but also to correct possible enharmonic errors.
The editors who are willing to take on all the preparatory work are difficult to find (at least in The Netherlands), so I would ask if any of you could recommend professionals (editors or not) who are keen to convert my music and make it ready for publishing.

Thanks for your interest in my question.


This is a tremendous amount of work.
Also it seems to me that you are looking for someone who is using Finale. If so, that should be a better possibility than here.

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